ORIX Corporation is is one of the largest integrated financial service groups listed on New York and Tokyo stock exchanges. Established in 1964 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ORIX Corporation has 33,139 employees worldwide and more than $ 6,00 billion assets under management. ORIX Corporation owns 2,149 branches in 28 countries and regions, and provides services to millions of corporate customers. The Group's business spread over dozens of industries in the financial and industrial sectors. Its main businesses include banking, insurance, asset management, leasing, operating leasing, aircraft leasing, auto leasing, airport operations, environmental protection, real estate and tourism. ORIX Asia Capital is the investment platform of ORIX Group in the Asia region. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Group.
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*The above data are as of the end of March 2022

Equity Investment

ORIX Asia Capital is an institutional investor focused on the market potential of Greater China. Our investments include, but are not limited to, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, consumer goods, finance, infrastructure and telecommunications and media technology.