Business Areas

We are a private equity firm led by a professional team and focuses on investments in China

ORIX Asia Capital is an equity investor focused on the potential of the Greater China market. Our successful investment sectors include but are not limited to environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, consumer goods, finance, infrastructure and telecommunications media technology industries.

At the same time, we have a professional consulting and management team in China, and have many years of experience in leading companies in many industries.

The company can provide value-added services for the development of enterprises.

Core Investment Products

  • Strategic Investment

    Achieve business synergy effect with ORIX through strategic investment, and enhance enterprise value together

  • IPO/PO/Pre-IPO Investment

    As one of the important strategies of financial investment, it accumulates high-quality assets for the future asset operation business

  • LP Investment

    Through the cooperation with well-known venture capital institutions, enter the early stage of the seed business track

  • Structured Finance

    According to the needs of enterprises, provide flexible structured financing products

Major Investment Industries

  • Energy · Environment

    • Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd.,

      Date of Investment:2017

      Listed on HKEX (stock code: 0686.hk)In order to accelerate transformation strategy of national energy, China Merchants Group is committed to develop new energy to be one of its core business in the future. United PV is the only project and operation platform in solar power under China Merchants Group, now it has been developed into the largest professional solar power generation enterprise in China.So far, the company operates 28 power stations, the total installed capacity is 1.05 GW.Invested in March, 2017.

    • UET

      Date of Investment:2016

      Founded in 2012, UET provides turn-key, megawatt-scale energy storage solutions that simultaneously deliver both power and energy for commercial/industrial, microgrid, and utility applications.

    • China Water Affairs Group

      Date of Investment:2011

      Listed on HKEX (Stock Code: 855).By investing,building and operating water affairs projects in China,the Group has rapidly built its reputation as one of the largest integrated water affairs operators providing raw water,tap water,sewage treatment and related value-added services.To date,the Group's businesses in mainland China span across 30 cities.Integrated water treatment capacity of the Group reached near 5 million cubic meters per day.Invested in 2011.

  • Consumption · Service · Medical Care

    • Kwai

      Date of Investment:2021

      Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1024.HK). Kuaishou is a pioneer in the short video industry and the world's leading content community and social platform. At present, the company has established a diversified business structure, covering entertainment, online marketing services, e-commerce, online games, online knowledge sharing, etc.

    • Popmart

      Date of Investment:2020

      Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 9992.HK). Popmart is the largest and fastest growing fashion toy company in China. The industrial chain layout includes artist discovery, IP operation, consumer access and the promotion of fashion toy culture.

    • Bluemoon

      Date of Investment:2020

      Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 6993.HK). Blue Moon is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of household cleaning and care products, covering three categories of clothing cleaning and care, personal cleaning and care and home cleaning and care.

    • Nongfu Spring

      Date of Investment:2020

      Nongfu is a leading beverage company in China. In past 24 years, it has built a super brand in the market to provide consumers with natural and healthy products. It ranks NO.1 in the packaged drinking water market in China since 2012.

    • Open Culture Entertainment

      Date of Investment:2020

      Established in 2019. Develop the film and television intellectual property (IP) investment between China and Japan and perform operation management business, is the largest Chinese distribution company of Japanese movies.

    • MicroPort CardioFlow Medtech

      Date of Investment:2020

      Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 2160.HK). Minimally Invasive Xintong is a Chinese medical device company specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative transcascularization and surgical solutions for valvular heart disease. With the mission of continuous innovation, the company provides patients with valvular heart disease with the best inclusive healthcare solutions to improve their quality of life.

    • Ji Pin Tang

      Date of Investment:2020

      The company was founded in 1999. Adhering to the concept of "nutrition from nature" and the operating standard of "natural and pure", the company provides consumers with high-quality nutritious food. Ranking in the forefront of the national market share, is a group of comprehensive advantages of the company.

    • Innostic (EXIT)

      Date of Investment:2018

      Innostic is a professional high value medical supplies distribution platform.

    • Baroque Japan Limited

      Date of Investment:2010

      listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 1, 2016 (stock code: 3548.TYO).Founded in 2000, Baroque(3548.TYO) is a leading Japanese apparel company headquartered in Tokyo.Baroque mainly engages in apparel, accessories wholesale and retail business, targets 20 to 40 years old female. Baroque manages a strong portfolio of more than 10 leading fashion brands (e.g. moussy, SLY).As of October 2016, Baroque has 546 stores including 360 stores in Japan, 8 stores in Hong Kong and 176 in Mainland China. In September 2016, Baroque opened two new storesin New York, officially entered the European and American markets.Invested in 2010.

    • HaichangOcean Park Holdings Ltd

      Date of Investment:2010

      Listed on HKEX (stock code:2255.HK).Founded on 1992 and headquartered in Dalian, China, HaichangGroup engages in entertainment theme park operations.Haichang’s main business includes entertainment theme park development and operation. It operates 8 theme parks, in addition there are two large flagship project under construction in Shanghai and Sanya.Since 2002, HaichangOcean Park has more than 80 million visitors.Invested in 2010.

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    • Horizon Robotics

      Date of Investment:2020

      Horizon is a leading domestic development company of autonomous driving on-board chips. Founded in 2015, the company is the first and only chip company in China whose products meet the car standards and are installed on mass production models as of January 2021. The core management of the company has strong technical strength and is an academic leader in related industries. The company has the ability to grow into an internationally competitive automotive chip company in the future.

    • BYD

      Date of Investment:2020

      BYD is a high-tech enterprise committed to "using technological innovation to meet people's yearning for a better life". The company's business layout covers electronics, automobiles, new energy and rail transit and other fields, and plays a pivotal role in these fields. From energy acquisition, storage, and application, the company builds zero-emission new energy overall solutions in an all-round way.

  • Financial Services

    • Bairong

      Date of Investment:2021

      Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 06608.HK).The company was founded in 2014. It is an intelligent technology company that provides customers with life-cycle management products and services for the financial industry with artificial intelligence and risk control cloud.

    • Linklogis

      Date of Investment:2021

      Founded in 2016, in response to the national call for inclusive finance, the company takes advantage of the booming development of fintech, focusing on the application of AI, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other advanced technologies in the supply chain ecology.It also provides innovative supply chain fintech services in an online, scenario-based and data-based manner.

    • Haiercash

      Date of Investment:2020

      Founded in 2014, the company is the first cutting-edge consumer finance company approved by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission after the expansion of the pilot scope of consumer finance companies in China. It is also the first industry-funded integrated consumer finance company in China.

    • Haixia Bank Of Fujian

      Date of Investment:2020

      Established in 1996, Fujian Straits Bank aims to provide customers with diversified financial services. It has created a variety of financial services, including corporate finance, retail finance, trade finance, financial market, asset management, investment banking, credit card and so on.

    • Avolon

      Date of Investment:2018

      Avolon is an aircraft leasing company based in Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 2010 by Domhnal Slattery and currently is the world's third largest aircraft leasing company.

    • Golden Bridge United Finance Leasing Co., Ltd

      Date of Investment:2014

      Golden Bridge United is the leader in China’s urban infrastructure finance leasing industry and asset securitization.CFEC (Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of CATIS) Vice Director Unit. It is the only professional postdoctoral center in the financial leasing field within the territory of China. 2014 China Finance Leasing Annual Meeting "China Finance Leasing Company of the Year".Key projects: Basic public services in China's new urbanization, such as gas pipe network, sewage pipe network, water pipe network, heating pipe network, ring highway, airport expressway, port and pier, hospital, colleges, rail transit, and etc.Invested in 2014.

    • Beijing Oriental JichengCo.,Ltd.

      Date of Investment:2006

      Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME Board on November 11, 2016 (stock code: 002819.SZ).Established in 2000 as a comprehensive service provider of electronic measuring instruments, providing customers with one-stop integrated services including sales, leasing and system integration.Major customers’ industry: electronics manufacturing, communications and information technology, education and scientific research, aerospace, industrial process control, transportation, new energy, and etc.Main products: Agilent, Fluke, Tektronix and other world-renowned manufacturers.Invested in 2006.

    • United Asia Finance Ltd (EXIT)

      Date of Investment:1998

      Founded in 1991, UAF is a leading consumer financing company headquartered in Hong Kong.After establishment, UAF achieved a rapid growth and now becomes one of the most active player in consumer finance industry with an expansive network consisting of 50 branches in Hong Kong. UAF also entered China market in 2007 and opened 110 branches across 18 cities.Invested in 1998.

  • Urban Services

    • Shoucheng Holdings

      Date of Investment:2018

      Listed on the main board of HKEX in 1991 and acquired by Shougang Group and CK Hutchison Holdings Limited in 1992, Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited (“Shougang Concord”) is the flagship listed company in Hong Kong under Shougang Group and one of the earliest Hong Kong red chips. Its main business includes operation and management of parking facilities, fund management, industry park development and International trade of iron ore. Shougang Concord holds two Hong Kong listed companies as associate, Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited and Shougang Concord Century Holdings Limited.

    • Lungyen

      Date of Investment:2017

      Lungyen Group established in 1992, company aims to offer the society with the best funeral environment and services wholeheartedly. Lungyen also launched the first preneed funeral contract' in Taiwan's market and implement the integration of death care service.

  • Fund Investment

    • Loyal Valley Capital

      Date of Investment:2020

      Based on long-term and in-depth fundamental analysis, we select excellent enterprises of high quality that represent the future growth direction of the economy to make long-term investment layout.Also we build world-class enterprises together with first-class entrepreneurs, actively grasp the context of the capital market, and obtain long-term, sustained and high investment returns.

    • YF Capital

      Date of Investment:2014

      Focus on the TMT, consumer products and healthcare industries.Focus on the TMT, Internet Banking, consumer products and healthcare industries.

    • Sun Hung Kai Financial

      Date of Investment:2013

      Key objective is to achieve capital growth through a diverse portfolio of interests, across various asset classes and industry sectors in greater China and the wider Asia-Pacific region.It has preferred access to the proprietary deal flow of Sun Hung Kai Financial.

    • CASIM

      Date of Investment:2008

      High-tech companies in expansion or high-growth stage and with the potential to IPO.

    • CITIC Capital

      Date of Investment:2006

      Buyouts and strategic investments in leading Chinese companies with some form of government ownership or involvement.Development projects in the first and second tier cities in affluent regions.Commercial properties with a special focus on value-adding opportunities for distressed properties.Entity level investments in leading local developers with a strategic view.